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Cooking for one? Sometimes living solo can be a challenge and, once again, you find yourself having cookies and a side bowl of popcorn for dinner. Your intentions were good. Actually, you spent the day scrolling through Pinterest to plan your feast – oooh butter chicken with steamed broccoli and […]

Cooking for one

It’s that time of year – yes, that one. The one where you receive daily (hourly?) invitations for the next social gathering. Suddenly, you realize your calendar is filled with holiday pizza parties, holiday cookie exchanges, holiday breakfasts…lunches…buffets…oh dear. Stretchy pants anyone? If you’re like me, each and every holiday […]

Holiday Survival Tips

Ever wonder if alternative sweetness are a better choice than table sugar?   Jen Sygo, RD, gives you a quick snapshot of the pros and cons for these products.

Something sweet to think about

Wondering about the recent news release on meat and its link to cancer?     Jessica Penner, RD, wrote a little blurb to give some extra guidance about the subject. Should you stop eating meat? Read on my friend, read on! (spoiler alert – you can continue eating meat […]

Bacon and cancer? Oh my!