Ready to try something new?  Try Try these sweet potato and black bean burgers – they’re nutritious and delicious! Enjoy! (click the image for a larger view)

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers

Would you like a free cookbook? Leanne Brown thought so and decided it would be a great idea to offer you one at no cost. The best part (can it get better than a free cookbook?) is that the recipes are, yes, good and cheap! Good – cooking tips, pantry […]

Free Cookbook? Yes please!

Yes, it’s that time of year when everything is #PumpkinSpice. In the spirit of the season I shall offer you a mixed bag of #PumpkinSpice goodness. To start off, some #PumpkinSpice comedy: Followed by, some #PumpkinSpice and #PSL reality: This infographic was created by Vincci Tsui, RD – clink the image for […]

Pumpkin Spiced Everything

Have you ever considered making a creamy pasta sauce out of pureed squash?  I definitely hadn’t! Yesterday I scrolled past a short video recipe which has been making its rounds on social media and decided it was worth viewing.  It worked its magic and we had it for dinner tonight! For […]

One-Pot Butternut Squash Alfredo

First recipe disclaimer: If I post a recipe on this site it’s because I think it tastes great, it’s creative and likely has an added punch of nutrients.  Most recipes are not my own; there really aren’t enough hours in a day for that right now! At the end of the recipe I will […]

Delicious goodness!