Would you like a free cookbook? Leanne Brown thought so and decided it would be a great idea to offer you one at no cost. The best part (can it get better than a free cookbook?) is that the recipes are, yes, good and cheap! Good – cooking tips, pantry […]

Free Cookbook? Yes please!

Ever wonder what a registered dietitian (RD) eats for breakfast? Just for the sake of curiosity, I recently asked some RD colleagues what they have for breakfast on weekdays and weekends.  Remember, just because this is what they eat doesn’t mean that it needs to be what you eat.  That said, if something […]

What’s for breakfast?

This was just posted on the Dietitians of Canada (DC) website and it really answers many of the questions we get as dietitians (RDs). “So, I read somewhere…” Here are 5 tips to spot misinformation: Is the person or product promising a quick fix like fast weight-loss or a miracle cure? If it sounds […]

Who to trust when it comes to nutrition advice?

What’s the goal of this blog, you ask?  It’s here to keep you informed and entertained with all things food and nutrition. Sometimes it will be a little bit of this: Myth vs Reality Fun Food Facts Sometimes it will be a little bit of that: Science of food (some […]

What’s in a blog?