What’s in the news

The Keto Diet – a current trend in the weight loss world.   Abby Sharp, RD, wrote a great blog post on the promising therapeutic benefits in neurological diseases (e.g., parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis) and cancer, and the impact on sports performance and weight loss.   I recommend reading Abby’s […]

Weight Loss and the Keto Diet

Ever wonder if alternative sweetness are a better choice than table sugar?   Jen Sygo, RD, gives you a quick snapshot of the pros and cons for these products. http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/sweeteners-1.3312639

Something sweet to think about

Wondering about the recent news release on meat and its link to cancer?     Jessica Penner, RD, wrote a little blurb to give some extra guidance about the subject. Should you stop eating meat? Read on my friend, read on! http://www.smartnutrition.ca/nutrition-2/meat-is-carcinogenic-and-you-shouldnt-freak-out/ (spoiler alert – you can continue eating meat […]

Bacon and cancer? Oh my!